Sound Changes You.

SO JUST IMAGINE… the potential power sitting in your iPhone, that stack of CDs, and those old vinyls.

Experience this unprecedented formula to harness the power of music––from Bach to Rock. Make sense of your past, tune-in to today, cause a new trajectory for your future.

Choose Your Avenue of Discovery



Your Personal Music Pharmacy

Molly’s Jungian-based personal awareness adventures dive into the human psyche. Masterfully decode how music partners with your mind to shape your mood, health, and life perspective.

“I was prepared for TUNED-IN to be an exciting sharing of our life patterns and point of view — but Molly’s idea of the conjunction of that with MUSIC, and how to use that in one’s own life, even for a lifelong music performer like myself —THAT was extraordinarily surprising and life changing.” – Peter Yarrow, Peter, Paul & Mary

Music, if guided masterfully, can actually help shape effective personal and professional relationships, dissolve negative reactive patterns, and restore conscious winning attitudes and behaviors.

Yes – Music can do all that

– and more!

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