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Film Update

7 KEYS. 15 EXPERTS. 1 FUNNY, GENRE-DEFINING MOVIE  The Keeper of the Keys was officially released internationally by Spiritual Cinema Circle on April 2. Great news! – You can break through self-sabotaging habits and have fun getting there with this inspirationally funny new film. Director and star, Scott Cervine puts a fresh light-hearted spin on self-help […]

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Colorado Premiere

MOLLY LORD Co-stars in New Film with Jack Canfield & Dr. John Gray     FROM THE LAS VEGAS NATIONAL FILM PREMIER TO THE… COLORADO SPRINGS PREMIERE Molly co-stars in the personal development movie, “The Keeper of the Keys,” alongside Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For The Soul), John Gray (Men are From Mars, Women Are From […]

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Film Premiere: The Keeper of The Keys

  JACK CANFIELD AND MOLLY – LAS VEGAS PRE-PREMIERE LUNCHEON It was an honor to have been asked to contribute shoulder to shoulder with some of the personal development industry’s most respected teachers. “This  movie is not just the usual rhetoric you would hear around “positive thinking,” but rather real stories that inspire new perspectives on […]

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Keeper of the Keys Movie

“The Keeper of the Keys” is the first funny personal development movie, sure to “take the ‘Hell’ out of self-help”! It’s entertaining, engaging, and powerful. Molly is a part of an amazing cast for this one of a kind move produced by Robin Jay. Instead of the usual talking heads on most self development films, […]

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The “Molly’s Blog” Has Landed

Hello!  Nice landing. You’re in my blog.   This place is about MUSIC. (But not in the usual sense.) It’s about HUMAN BEHAVIOR. (Mostly yours, not mine. – heh heh) And…don’t run away when I say this … if you hang out here long enough you’ll discover the magic of ARCHETYPES ( See my site for  […]

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Root Questions

Digging into life. I’ve hung up my mediator hat. My consulting in conflict resolution has oddly given way to studying Warriors, Victims, Wizards, Beethoven and The Moody Blues. I sit in the middle of a barrage of music choices deciding which songs will best serve the message I’ll be delivering in a presentation tomorrow. And […]

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