The “Molly’s Blog” Has Landed

Hello!  Nice landing. You’re in my blog.   This place is about MUSIC. (But not in the usual sense.) It’s about HUMAN BEHAVIOR. (Mostly yours, not mine. – heh heh) And…don’t run away when I say this … if you hang out here long enough you’ll discover the magic of ARCHETYPES ( See my site for  definition) and how beautifully they mess with your head when you listen to MUSIC.

Just so you know…There’s no escaping them. Archetypes create who you are… who I am. If you don’t call the shots, they take over and yell “ACTION!” in your life and then watch you tap dance. They are why you’re drawn to music. Because music gives these inner archetypes voice!  So, no matter how confusing or ho-hum you find the word to be… surrender. Because, though you may check in and out of being conscious in life, these inner buddies of your psyche never go away. So I say, “let them sing!”

Given that you can check out if you choose, but your inner archetypes set up camp in your psyche regardless, you’ll find it’s rather like “Hotel California” in this line of work and play…

“We are programmed to receive. You can check out 
any time you like, but you can never leave.”

So come back and visit. Often. Pull up a chair, and sometimes a headset.   (You’ll catch on to archetypes soon enough.)                      It will be music to your ears.

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