Root Questions

Digging into life.

I’ve hung up my mediator hat. My consulting in conflict resolution has oddly given way to studying Warriors, Victims, Wizards, Beethoven and The Moody Blues.

I sit in the middle of a barrage of music choices deciding which songs will best serve the message I’ll be delivering in a presentation tomorrow. And I stop and ask myself, “Is all of this music and archetypes stuff really as valuable as it appears? How the heck did I end up here?” The root of this question may rest in a secret life purpose, a divine assignment of sorts, of which I have not yet been officially informed. But what I do know for sure is this…. Music is both an expansion and contraction of space and time. It dog-ears the corner on every page of our life journey. Music puts down roots for every emotion we live, the moments that define us, and it chronicles the news that we have indeed loved, taken our hits, and then loved again.

Music resonates something deep and archetypal within us. Not in just our psyches and cellular memories, but literally our body’s cellular structures themselves. We underestimate the healing nature of music and its ability to show us how to get out of our own way. Through joining music with archetypes, we can bypass our self-critic, and partner with them to clearly sense what’s working in our nature, and what changes would enhance our living to rich capacity.

Many spend time imagining a life that’s pressure-free. Or perhaps one with no conflict. Good luck with that! Would you like to have a whole new relationship with pressure and conflict? I have an app for that! They both get a bad rap though they actually give birth to our dreams. After all, pressure brings life and beauty. It causes blood to course through our veins; transforms rough matter into diamonds, and allows a flower to push through concrete and a baby to rhythmically push her way into life. And conflict? It’s the only mechanism that provides clarification, a distinction, for what we want and what we don’t. It holds hands with pressure.

Toss the two of them in the laboratory beaker with MUSIC and you become a spiritual, as well as scientific, alchemist. You can transform lead into gold. Pain into wisdom. Distorted cells into healthy tissues. Life stories into mythic treasures that allow you to slay your dragons and return to your kingdom (i.e. your home, office, family, community) transformed. Yes. Music can do all that.

So. Back to my question.. “ Is all of this music and archetypes stuff as valuable as it appears? How the heck did I end up here?” Well, I say, don’t mess with a good thing. I allow my roots to dig down even deeper and yell,

“Hey, turn that thing up!”

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