TUNED-IN Production workshop and presentation creations have a universal audience appeal. And…every presentation is custom-tailored to a group’s specific needs.  I promise to make you look good.


  • The United States Air Force
  • The Recording Academy (Grammy Association)
  • American Association of University Women
  • Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
  • Colorado Springs School District 11
  • Unity Church
  • Center For Spiritual Living
  • The Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration
  • The Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • Castle Rock Adventist Hospital Medical Staff
  • Memorial Cancer Center
  • Dorcy Cancer Center
  • Memorial Hospital Oncology Staff
  • Penrose Cancer Center
  • Women’s Resource Agency
  • Executive Women International
  • The Jung Society of Colorado Springs
  • Colorado Senior Citizens Board
  • The International Addictive Behaviors & Mental Health Symposium

…and, of course, every day community individuals who simply love music.

“Britta C. Newcomer, RN, BSN, OCNOncology Resource Manager, Memorial Health System, Colorado Springs”
As a Tuned-In alumni, I have experienced first-hand the healing and empowering nature of Molly’s workshop. I remember sitting on the edge of my chair, barely able to wait for what was to come next! Molly has created a safe haven of new ideas for both patients and our staff, as well as providing the tools to facilitate healing. I would recommend this workshop to any and all health care providers. It inspires, relights fuses, and provides a window into a profound tool for their own life and those they serve.

“Gary G. Forrest, EdD, PhD – Clinical Psychologist, Director, Psychotherapy Associates, PC Winter Symposium, Colorado Springs, CO”
Molly Lord has been an excellent addition to the faculty of our International “Addictive Disorders, Behavioral Health and Mental Health” Winter Symposium over the past few years. She is a dynamic and energetic speaker who has the unique ability to integrate wisdom, humor, music, real world clinical experiences, and metaphoric meaning within the context of her Jungian-based training/educational programs. Therapist and mental health workers will find Molly’s training programs to be professionally beneficial, personally enriching and skill enhancing.


“Karl F”

This entire experience was profoundly enriching. It was the most fun form of “consciousness raising” I have ever experienced.

“Bev S”

TUNED-IN was a tremendous way to spend my weekend! The new perspective I took into work with me on Monday morning – is still singing its tune on Friday!

“Linda T”

I’m excited for this refreshing new perspective to use with my clients. The insights and growth it provided myself & these women is profound.

“Kelly N”

A week out from my TUNED-IN experience I continue to experience day to day work and family situations with new eyes. It took the music to expand my point of view.

“Dick E”

As a 78 year old artist, I’ve always been a “see and interpret” artist. But this experience changed my whole point of view and changed my life. I now create in a totally different way –from deep listening! Your workshop is the best I’ve ever attended.

“Linda S”

I loved discussing music in a way that, as a non-musician, I could fully participate. Suddenly there was a place for my voice in the music world! My intellect met my passion.

“Sherry D”

I don’t know how Molly did it, but somehow two days of fun culminated in a personal reflective process and my seeing all the beautiful threads in the tapestry of my life. Turns out, music has magical powers—like time travel and the alchemy of turning suffering into wisdom; enough to show you how invaluable every step of the way has always been. Who knew? I am deeply grateful.

“John W”

In a lifetime of listening to music, how did I miss this angle? I will never hear it the same again. This experience was a profound kick in the butt to reinvent several aspects of my life. Thanks for “changing my tune.

“Beverly D”

Yikes! If this weekend had been any more powerful I might have spontaneously combusted. It really was like tiny little sticks of dynamite in my heart.

“Michael F”

A fantastic guide to listening like never before…this was an entertaining, generous and wise musical journey.

“Matthew D”

Okay. I admit it. I organize my CDs by seasons and the tempo I crave that time of year (and have taken lots of ribbing for it) Now I can actually justify WHY I do it! Thank you!

“Max I”

A buried part of myself re-surfaced, one that I’ve missed for a long time and he’s singin’ a new tune!

“Jan M”

This was an unexpected healing experience. It revealed how music has saved my soul.

“Robert D”

I have to admit, I initially questioned “giving up a weekend” to attend. But fortunately I did and had no idea I would receive so much or that I’d laugh so hard!

“David B”

I’m approaching significant changes in my career and lifestyle right now. The workshop has added impetus for that change.


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