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Tuned-In Productions

Meet Molly Lord

Spirited Educator, Speaker, Music & Mind Master

Imagine listening to your favorite song. Now imagine it’s reconfiguring your very soul.

Through her company, TUNED-IN Productions, Molly has guided thousands—via her workshops and speaking—into the deep dive of “what happens when music crawls
inside your head?”

Music–from Bach to Rock–if guided masterfully, can help shape more effective relationships, shift response patterns, and restore winning attitudes and behaviors.

Yes. Music can do all that! And more.

Sought after by organizations, businesses, and the military for her refreshing, humorous style, and music-infused results that traditional lecture just can’t tap, Molly hits stunning, life altering notes—each time, every time.


A "Music & Mind" online adventure

But you never expected it to be of this caliber.
This fun. This valuable.

The Virtual Series

A VIRTUAL eye-opening deep dive into the secret of what’s REALLY happening when music crawls inside your head.

Enjoy three national guest music artists’ intriguing viewpoints on why it matters!


to discover the music brilliance waiting for you!

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The Music Pharmacy

change your tune, one song at a time

A decade ago, I sat contemplating my stack of CDs, old vinyls, and cassettes collecting dust on the shelf, knowing they were a storehouse of untapped medicine.

I envisioned creating a series of playlists that, 20 minutes after pushing PLAY, could take you from feeling deep in the pits to feeling maybe only frustrated (a significant frequency improvement) Or tunes that could carry you from overwhelm to contentment. From Boredom to “I know exactly what I want to do!” Or from simple contentment to a state of wild joy! All from listening to skillfully prepared playlists.

10 years. Boom. Done.

The right music at the right time changes everything. This ultimate music brain hack can be in your hands in just five minutes. Music to your ears!

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