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A Legend Speaks...

Peter Yarrow
of the legendary Peter, Paul & Mary

Sharing his profound Tuned-In Workshop experience.


Tuned-In Workshop

JUNE 24-25, 2003
Colorado Springs

Join us regardless of when your cancer experience was, or where you were treated.
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Tuned-In Workshop

September 23-24
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Also Coming This Fall!

“Women, Music, & Personal Power” Workshop


meet molly lord

Spirited Educator, Speaker, Music & Mind Master

Tired of feeling off-key with your growth, relationships, health, & how about those dreams you've let slip away?

The answer will be music to your ears.

Molly tosses your concerns in a blender with music—from Bach to Rock—and suddenly you’re planting your darn stake in the ground declaring:

  “I will NOT die with my song still inside!”   

Imagine listening to your favorite song. Now imagine it’s reconfiguring your very soul.

Through her company, TUNED-IN Productions, Molly has guided thousands nationwide—via her Jungian-based workshops and speaking—into the deep dive of “what happens when music crawls inside your head?”

She puts that pile of CDs, vinyl, and your playlists to work— to shift your state of mind, the cells in your body, and that sense of feeling off-key that’s been haunting you.


Yes. Music can do all that! And more.

Art Centers, women organizations, corporations, hospitals, and the military offer rave reviews for Molly’s refreshing, humorous style, and music-infused results that traditional lecture just can’t tap. They will tell you… she hits stunning, life altering notes—each time, every time.


The Online Series


You asked for an ONLINE “music & mind” adventure!

But you never expected it to be of this caliber. This fun. This valuable.

A pre-recorded (watch at your own pace!) eye-opening dive into the secret of what’s REALLY happening when music crawls inside your head.

Each series presents interviews with three new national guest music artists
and their surprising insights on how they use that secret to calm or shake up your life!

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The Music Pharmacy

change your tune, one song at a time

Purchase the most powerful music mind-hack ever!

As I sat contemplating the stack of CDs, old vinyls, and cassette tapes collecting dust on my shelf a while back, I knew they held a storehouse of untapped medicine.

After crawling into my music laboratory for over a year, I emerged with THE music formula to upgrade whatever emotion is bugging you— into a more productive one. Cool, huh?

The right music at the right time changes everything. This ultimate music brain-hack can be in your hands in just five minutes. Music to your ears!

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