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1: What's included in your MUSIC PHARMACY

Your MUSIC PHARMACY Kit is delivered to you by email in one PDF document. It includes:


  • The printed GUIDE and a VIDEO TUTORIAL for using the Pharmacy


  • The 11 EMOTION CATEGORIES. Each category provides suggested playlists and a link that conveniently takes you directly to those lists in Spotify for easy listening. Yep. Relief is that close!

That’s not all. 


  • Each emotion category, in addition to the suggested playlists, includes a MASTER LIBRARY of tunes. This is a pool of additional tunes, arranged by genre, from which to pull if you want to expand your playlist library.


 With one CLICK, this Master Library of tunes is also at your fingertips in Spotify!
Music to your ears!



Given it is illegal to create a product that provides you the actual tunes due to not having the costly music licensing needed for the hundreds of song ideas I’ve researched and included in the lists, I found the next best thing!

You receive 100s of thoroughly researched songs that fit each emotion category, ready to shift your state of mind. I’ve also completed  the hours of linking these suggested tunes to the easiest way to have the songs at your fingertip within seconds – SPOTIFY! There is a video tutorial in the Music Pharmacy Guide on how to join Spotify.

You can join SPOTIFY at the free or premium membership options.
I recommend Premium membership ($15/month) for ad and hassle-free listening. The links work smooth as glass, putting the song at your fingertips immediately.

Your balanced state of mind is worth the investment!

3: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. You’ve provided the list of the 11 different Emotion Categories. Once I purchase how will I know which category is best to start with?

A. Each category has an in-depth explanation of how one feels when in that state of mind, how it impacts your day, and why you might want to stay in that state of mind or move out of it ASAP. The explanations will make you smile as you’ll think I’ve read your diary. Trust me. You’ll know which category would be the best one to start with! 

Q. I have an (Amazon, Apple, or your affiliate here) music membership. Can I take your suggested playlists with artists that I’ll receive in the pdf and find that same music in my own library of tunes, rather than join SPOTIFY?

A. You bet!  It will take more steps to locate, download song etc that way, but that can also be a fun project. Go for it.

Q. Can I join SPOTIFY for free, examine your suggested songs in SPOTIFY write down songs for my preferred playlist. and go find them in my extensive own library of tunes already in my possession?

A. Brilliant. My lists are to be used in whatever way gets you the results this pharmacy is aiming for.: emotional RELIEF!

Q. Sounds great! But…Buttons. Clicks, Spotify. Pdfs. That’s a lot of technical stuff. And tech is not my forte. Will I be able to navigate this program?

A. I’m one with you. I get it. Once you invest in Spotify Premium (which they make easy-peasy.) If you can open the pdf document I’ll send you and read English.… If you can guide your mouse to the words. “TO HEAR THIS PLAYLIST, CLICK HERE” you will magically find yourself in Spotify with those exact songs staring you in the face. If you can click on the PLAY arrow to listen…. You’re good to go, my friend!

Q. What if I don’t know what my questions are until after I purchase the Music Pharmacy?

A. Such is life. You can email me with any question at any time! Operators are standing by.

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