Do You Ever Sense...
Have you noticed...
Your Life & Music Have A Mysterious Partnership?
Life can be on a great roll one day but the next you feel it's changing track too quickly?
The state of mind dominating your day affects your music choices and the tune your life is singing.
Music & Mind

Feeling off-course with your dreams and worry time’s running out on making them happen?

You’re grasping to hold onto life’s highs?

Stress and worry are wearing down your health defenses?




Connecting To The Soundtrack Of Your Life

Music is like a stage on which the basic behavior patterns that underlie the human experience are played out. Certain types of songs evoke certain emotions or moods. When this happens you access your inner guides or archetypes. Certain music can enhance, maintain, or limit an archetype. When chosen well, music can guide the psyche to become ordered, connected, and more able to proficiently achieve an emotional, spiritual, or physical desire.

We are aided on our life journey by inner guides, or archetypes. Each of these inner allies, with us since the dawn of time, exemplifies a certain way of being (mood, behavior, perspective) on our journey.

Workshops with Molly Lord explore many such archetypes: the Orphan, the Seeker, the Warrior, the Altruist, the Innocent, the Magician , the Ruler, the Jester, the Creator, the Destroyer, the Lover and others, along with how and why they are evoked by music.

Discover Archetypes


ar-che-type (ahr-ki-tahyp) n. 1. Psychological structures or patterns reflected in symbols, images and themes common to all cultures and all times.


ar-che-type n. 1. THINK: Poster Child for a specific, universal pattern of human behavior 2. These ancient inner guides, when joined with music, create a spontaneous explosion of self-awareness in a wildly fun workshop, TUNED-IN.





the music pharmacy

Certain music vibrations can sabotage a state of mind goal, fast. Wisely organized, music can support momentum toward a better feeling emotion. It guides the psyche to become ordered, connected, and to more proficiently achieve an emotional, spiritual or physical desire. Your computer, iPod, or 8-Track player sits as a dormant emotional pharmacy,counselor, and antacid. Let’s put it to work!