The music pharmacy + Spotify= Relief

Together they rock it as your emotional ally, therapist, and antacid.

The music pharmacy

The Ultimate Mind Hack

How Do They Work Together?

Why does the music pharmacy work?

changing your tune,
one song at a time.

How do you want to feel?

On fire. Relieved. Spirit-guided. Valued. Forgiven. On target. Kickass. Soothed.

We’ve customized the ideal music prescription…

For the times you fall into self-doubt, irritation, jealousy, or small thinking. And those times when you’re high on life and don’t want to fall off the wave? The Music Pharmacy has you covered there too!

It’s universal… music evokes emotion. Researchers have measured how certain music raises our mind and body’s frequencies, reorganizing our thinking, body cells, and even relationship response patterns. Eureka! At the same time, some frequencies can sabotage our state of mind goal fast.

Choose wisely.

Life is an emotion momentum game. Maintain any desired emotion frequency for 17 seconds and momentum begins working on your behalf. Add another 17 seconds, then another, and you’re on a roll toward your desired state of mind.

Just imagine the powerful momentum gained in listening to a full four-minute song. Link 5-6 of the right tunes together and your emotions will be…

singing a different tune!


1 VIDEO TUTORIAL for using the Pharmacy

1 GUIDE to reinforce your video tutorial

A beautiful colored reference PDF chart of our common human emotions.

Each correlates to an emotion level on the chart,

You receive all categories (See Bottom Of page) as an interactive PDF. The PDFs serve as your side-kick for reviewing what your song choices will be in Spotify.

Each provides two suggested playlists tied to that category. Designed to support where you are in the moment, then will either raise you to a higher level, or help anchor your already great state of mind.

With ONE CLICK you are transported to a private SPOTIFY page where the playlists viewed on your PDF are now at your fingertips for easy listening!


Each category, in addition to the suggested playlists, has a Master library of 50-90 more songs- categorized BY GENRES! This great resource provides additional choices for your playlist. Again, with ONE CLICK, you will be taken into the private Spotify page where you can listen to every song in the library


Relax. I’ve done the time-consuming research for you.

Music options span the eras and genres …50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s through present time.

The goal: Create ONE playlist to have on hand for any of the emotion categories that speak to you.

“Match the frequency of the reality you want and it must be yours.

– Albert Eistein

Curious about the 11 emotion categories?

They cover about everything life can dish out—both fun and challenging:


Emerging From The Pits

Rage, Revenge & Deep Regret

Overwhelm, Doubt, & Half-Empty

Didn’t Get The Prize! Dang.

Change Sucks (Until You Decide It Doesn’t)

I’m So Over You. (No. Really)

Optimist’s Hope

Seize The Day

Power Up!

Wi-Fi Connection To A Higher Power

Grati-Tunes…Appreciation In Harmony


You’ll love how simple it is.

A video tutorial (and printed Guide) included in your pharmacy walks you through every step, including:

1. How to join SPOTIFY if not already a member. (free or premium membership options)

2. Where to click on your interactive PDF to land in Spotify where the playlists await you!

3. How to create a custom playlist in Spotify of your preferred tunes for that state of mind, or use the songs in the suggested playlists!

4. You’ll always have access to your SPOTIFY lists, ready to push PLAY, in any future moment you feel the need to “change your tune.”