🎵 - Fine-Tuning Your Feminine & Masculine Power - 🎵

Discover the archetypes infused into the 

ancient and modern woman’s DNA vs. HUMAN SPIRIT.



finally meets your 



It’s time.


It’s what makes women great intuitive leaders. And at times, can leave the most confident woman questioning her next move, self-worth, and her inner compass.

Explore the surprising source of that tension and how to shift your approach (yep. something has to change) to inspire both connection & strength in relationships, health, and spirit.

Women and men consistently act in, and interface with, Masculine and Feminine Warrior energy in personal and professional situations. Discover when one approach is more productive, and when it erodes our health and power. Awareness provides a choice.


– RELIEF in areas of life you didn’t know were draining you

– The TOP THREE mistakes that wear down women’s inner Warrior/Lover/Giver

– The innate talents women must be counted on in this world right now, and how  she can anchor her

   sense of self to fulfill that mission

– The innate traits that give the Feminine Warrior the advantage in business, family, and health.

– The MISSING PUZZLE PIECE to the difference in women and men’s communication

   and problem solving styles (a fun game changer!)

– MUSIC AS A TOOL to keep these puzzle pieces fitting together in harmony!


Women's workshop presented for:

The Everyday Woman

The extraordinary calling being put out to the ordinary woman.

Understanding the feminine/masculine mind and  the responses, music, and inner strengths that color her roles.

The military spouse

The heart and strength of the military family

A unique, inspiring recognition
of the profound, often unseen, role of the
military spouse.

Women Cancer Survivors

(Make that – THRIVERS)

Both kick-ass & gentle revelations of the true meaning of healing power found within the Feminine & Masculine Warrior archetypes.

Women of the U.S. Air Force

We know well their Masculine Warrior power. Exploring the surprising much needed true power and purpose of

in the military.


(workshops available for all women's groups by request)

“First off, I’ll never listen to music the same again. But most surprising, I feel a fundamental change in the way I…live, work, love, parent, trust the unknown, relate to my body, read people, and how I talk to myself. A veil has lifted on secrets about life. Now I can’t look myself in the mirror and pretend I don’t know.”
“I don’t know exactly when the shift happened. Was it a certain song? Being hit between the eyes in meeting my archetype allies? Something someone said? It was all those, but more. The whole was greater than the sum of its parts. What I do know is I trust myself for the first time. I get, down to my core, that I can’t get it wrong and I’ll never get it all done. Not only do I get why the Beatles and Pavarotti have always “done the trick” for me, my life is now singing its own song.”
“I don’t know how Molly did it, but somehow two days of fun culminated in a personal reflective process and my seeing all the beautiful threads in the tapestry of my life. Turns out, music has magical powers—like time travel and the alchemy of turning suffering into wisdom; enough to show you how invaluable every step of the way has always been. Who knew? I am deeply grateful.” – Sherry Dell, PhD, Clinical Holistic Nutrition
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